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Below is a list of books recommended by NPN members and the Mansfield Merry Moot for people new to Paganism/ Witchcraft. This list is not complete, if you think something should be here please let me know and I will add it.

Old Gods New Druids- Robin Herne
Offers a series of twenty humorous and informative lessons that can be used for group or solitary study. This book helps to learn about the ancient Gods and other spirits, along with methods of honouring them through ritual, mysticism and poetry. It is suitable for people interested in Druidry.

The path of Druidry: Walking the ancient green way -Penny Billington

The Celts Bronze age to new age -Dr John Haywood

Pagan in the City -Cassandra Eason

'Natural Magic' - Doreen Valiente

Living Druidry - Emma Restall Orr

Woman A Witch- Cassadra Easson

Sons of the Goddess: A Young Man's Guide to Wicca by Christopher Penczak
Exploring the craft from a young mans perspective. How to integrate the God and Goddess, pagan belief and ritual into your life

 The Witching Path E-Book - Moira Hodgkinson

Wheel Of The Year Pagan Mythology Retold- Drew & Sophie Kenaz
The book is intended to give an overview of the stories that revolve around the festivals that make up the wheel of the year.
It has been written in particular for those who are either just interested or new to Paganism and can even be used to read to children.